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With Answer Key and CD-Rom
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Liam Boyle
Business School
Authentic English for Management
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Isbn: 9788860743343
Collana: Authentic English

Business School is a content-based language course for students of management. The book is divided thematically by argument, from innovation and career development to leadership and globalisation. Current debates about management theory are investigated through the use of authentic texts, which deal with such up to date issues as competition from China, corporate social responsibility, and how the business world will look after the financial crisis. For each topic there are introductory vocabulary exercises, using authentic business language, followed by a recent case study. The objective is to involve the student with intrinsically motivating real life materials. The articles featured in this book are not simplified versions adapted for language students – they are the original texts, the same articles that are being read by business professionals and management students in the English-speaking world. These case studies are exploited with task-based learning exercises, to help the student develop sound reading strategies. Each article is accompanied by a series of pre-reading exercises, ranging from basic comprehension questions to more involved analysis. This task-based approach gives the student a real reason for reading. Students can of course check their answers in the accompanying answer key. Business School combines this study of the up to date language of management with a systematic revision of the essentials of English grammar, while the accompanying CD Rom offers a vast array of supplementary materials, giving the student the opportunity to consolidate the work done in the classroom at home, with a mix of listening exercises, reading texts, and additional interactive exercises.

Informazioni sull'autore
Liam Francis Boyle teaches English at the University of Perugia. He was born in Dublin and has lived and worked in Italy since 1997. His principle areas of linguistic expertise are in teaching methodology, syllabus development and language acquisition. He is co-author, with Jodi Sandford, of Mixed Messages, English for Communication Studies, also published by Morlacchi Editore (2006).


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