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The Body Metaphor
Cultural Images, Literary Perceptions, Linguistic Representations

a cura di Eleonora Federici, Marilena Parlati

Isbn: 9788860749505
Pagine: 252
Anno di pubblicazione: 2018
Collana: Transitions

€ 18,00

The body is a complex site of interdisciplinary debates, a central category in cultural constructions which has been widely analysed through different theoretical perspectives. As both linguistic sign and materiality occupying and needing space, the body remains, as much as bodies remain, an essential focus in the essays collected here, ranging from very early Medieval discourses to early modern European cultural and medical contexts, from disability to science fiction, from contemporary fiction on materiality and waste to postcolonial rewritings of/on the body.


Eleonora Federici
Marilena Parlati
Ma Carmen África Vidal Claramonte
Carla Riviello
Donata Bulotta
Massimo Rinaldi
Andrea Bernardelli
Alessandra De Marco
Manuela Coppola 2014 | Tutti i diritti riservati
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