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David Massey, Jodi Sandford
Bridges, English for Communication Sciences
Manuale per corsi di inglese
Settori disciplinari:

Isbn: 9788888778730
Collana: Authentic English

Constructing a course that is dynamic in structure we can more readily reach our new audience of students. Maybe some students will be more interested in one aspect rather than another, but by giving them a rose of material to choose from there should be something for everyone. The media supplies us with a constant flowof information in English, approaching the language from an analytical and selective point of view should help motivate language students that most probably will be using the language as back up to their principle interest. It is our hope that the language elements the they acquire will help them to apply communication theory and understanding to the material they will need in further studies or career prospects. This course wants to point the students in the direction of the language tools they can use to decipher the world that surrounds them and to give them the opportunity to learn what is the best approach for themselves.

Informazioni sugli autori
Jodi Sandford is a researcher at the University of Perugia and professor of English: Cognitive Linguistics and Semantics. She was born in California and has lived and worked in Italy for the past 30 years. Her research involves color cognition, perception, and language acquisition. She is co-author of two editions of Bridges for Communication Sciences, published by Morlacchi Editori Università Strumenti.


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