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Assunta Morresi, Paola Sassi
GNSR 2003
XVIII Congress of the National Group of Discussion on Raman Spectroscopy and non Linear Effects

Chemistry Department, University of Perugia
Perugia, Italy

Isbn: 9788889422229
Pagine: 292
Anno di pubblicazione: 2006
Collana: Saggi e manuali di chimica

€ 15,00

One of the usual appointment of that part of the scientific community that works in optical spectroscopy is the meeting organized every two years by the National Group of discussion on Raman Spectroscopy and non-linear effects (GNSR). This conference has always been an occasion of comparison between scientists from different research areas, but all using optical spectroscopy in their studies, with particular attention to Raman technique in its stationary and non linear experiments.Nano- and bio- materials, but also artistic and pharmaceutical subjects and even dynamical processes and structural properties: a wide range of topics can be afforded using this spectroscopic approach, contributing to divulge these experimental methods and themes; from this point of view, this conference is an important reference point in the Italian scientific panorama. 2014 | Tutti i diritti riservati
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